Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Doily Dreamcatcher

On Friday morning, I've got a surprise gift from my Japanese teacher. It was a beautiful golden brown yarn twisted with sparkling gold thread. It looks very classy and elegant. She told me that it was from her friend who has a weaving studio in Mie perfecture, Japan. She has plenty of yarn and wanted me to have one. Whoaa...this is really amazing, received a thoughtful gift from someone whom I never met,  I don't even know her name :p. I'm pretty sure that my teacher told her something about me (hopefully it was a good thing) :D. 

I should make something for their kindness to show my gratitue. And I want to use the yarn that she gave me. Crochet coin purse was the first thing came in my mind, but nay... I had made it several times before. Then I decided to make doily dreamcatcher.

My first step on this project was looking for doily pattern which has smaller size than the hoop size. I prefer to tie it with string because I want to see the whole crochet pattern inside the hoop.  
Next I covered the embroidery hoop with yarn and glue it at some part. Then I set the doily to hoop and tied it with string. Last, I made the tassels and crochet balls as an ornament. It's done!

I let my teacher to choose first, and she liked the white one. 

I also made a small letter with watercolor on the background and tried to write it in Japanese. 

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