Thursday, August 11, 2016

My Crafting Moment

I always have a passion for craft. I remembered when I was in a third grade, my first project was making roses from a tissue box. I used all my mum's tissue supplies and decorated every corner of her house with tissue roses. Since then I like to make myself busy making crafty things and I've never felt bored at home anymore. 

I stopped crafting when my daughter was born and we need to live overseas. It took some time for us to adjust our life in a new place so I decided to become a full-time mum. Five years later we moved to Japan and finally I had a chance started crafting again. Luckily our place is near to my favourite craft shop, it took about 15 minutes by bicycle. I was so excited because that place has many choices of craft tools, materials, books and even many small workshops were held there. It took me days to explore the place, it feels like heaven for a crafter like me.

After I tried crochet, paper cutting, miniature, hand embroidery and clay making, I felt hand embroidery that suits me best because I found the stitching process was so relaxing. I could feel the excitement every time I start to hold the embroidery hoop, enjoy every moment when the needle slips through the fabric, filling the design with colourful threads, the whole process feels like a meditation for me. 

Whenever anxiety hits me, I grab my embroidery tool then stitching with slower mode and listening to my favourite music. It really helps me to calm down and make me happier ;).         

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