Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Craft Swap Experienced

Have you ever heard about craft swap before ? Honestly, I've never heard about it until I experienced it. A craft swap is an exchange of handmade items or craft supplies between strangers who has an interest in beautiful handcrafted things. You can find craft swaps event online, among members of crafter group , friends or strangers.

These darling handcrafted items I got it from an Indonesian crafter friend who currently living in Australia. We'd met on Instagram and we love to discuss about our passion for handcrafted goods and anything related.

Last year CYLcollective and makers movement hosted swap event on Instagram using hashtag #wearethemakersswap. Every people who participated need to register on their website and each of us submitted a photo an item that we would like to send and share the image on Instagram. The hosts choose who would be my partner to swap.
On that event, I was paired with Rose Newton, a very talented illustrator from New Zealand. I'm so lucky to have her beautiful works at home.

In return, I made by myself several hand embroidery items and send it to them.

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