Monday, November 11, 2013

Embroidery Workshop

After one year an a half living in Japan and still barely can't speak Japanese, last week I encourage my self to attend an embroidery workshop run by local embroidery artist. Rather than to bring my embroidery tools, I prefer to bring an Ipad and mobile router with me. So we can communicate easily (google translate help me so much ;p).

The workshop took place in her shop, near Utsubo park Osaka. It's inside an old building, with a narrow alley but it was very easy to find. She named her shop with her own name, Eimi. It was open last year in June 2012. 

When I was came, I was so amazed with her work and love the way she displayed it. 

Some of her work displayed on the wall

All the workshop preparation were ready on the table with a cute presentation. On that day I made my initial on a handkerchief with two colors and one lame yarn. Before I started to stitch on handkerchief, she gave me a fabric with two simple line so I can practice with basic stitch.  


With a lack of my Japanese language skill, we still can communicate smoothly. I get some good tips and how to stitch in the right way. It was a good experience and I would like to try it once more.

Here are some pics of a beautiful handmade inside her shop.  


For more detail about her work or shop please contat her here or visit her website

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