Thursday, January 16, 2014

Waiting a Newborn Baby to Come

My experience as a beginner crocheter, reading someone else's pattern without a diagram is so difficult. Everyone has their own style in writing, and me who had no experience with it will make the project totally look different than it should be.

Then I realize that I feel more comfortable to read or watching crochet tips rather than reading someone else's pattern. It's good for me to learn how to make a crochet pattern from scratch.

A little story behind the making of this, first, I design a bear then I searched all over free crochet bear patterns on the internet but I found nothing. So I made an outline sketch as my guidance to make a perfect size and shape of crochet bear. I'm know this method looks silly but at least I got the look that I wanted ;).

And here is my sketch.

Then I made an illustration as a greeting card.

Now, these gift are ready to send to my friend as a warm welcome to the world of parenthood soon after the baby is born

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