Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I never thought before making your own plush doll will be so much fun. You can design your own creature and try to figure it out how to make it.
It's a long process, first I start sketching then make a pattern, next step is sewing, and the last is adding details. And these process will take much moooore time if you get interrupted on each step, like you have to clean up the house, groceries shopping, cooking, scrubbing off toilet etc..etc..*jeritan hati ibu rumah tangga yang ga punya pembantu XD.  

Since I made my own design, I didn't follow another crafter's pattern and tutorial, my plush doll ended up with lots of stitches on doll joint area. That's why I called her Franken"bunny"stein.
No matter how ugly she is, my heart melted when my daughter said " I think she is cute mama". Yeaay...it's only a beginning, i won't give up to make another plush doll.

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